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About Us

About India Jail Mission

We could hear, feel and experience the deep love of Almighty Jesus by His Mercy. So we took the decision to guide a thankful like for the sake of Jesus Christ. For that we tried our level best to think to do and to be according his loved voice.

My family started our charitable work since 23 years, we prayed a lot for a non-remunerable gospel work in this world. As a result I got aglorious vision about “The Jail Ministry” with its concerned emblem and later the ministry named named as “India Jail Mission” and registered under Thiruvanathapuram “Kochi Charitable Trust Registration act on !9th January 2002 with registration No 15/2002”.

Afterwards we have given more concentration in Jail Ministry. We have visited various jails in Kerala where our own living parents, brothers, sisters who were put in prison by punishment for different crimes they have done.

We could understand that in most of the criminals this could happened due to unexpected, unlucky situations.

Our intension is to help them who are apologizing through their family members up to a certain limit. We are trying maximum with the prayer to make others understand the love of God at least to have a regret. We could understand that a huge number of criminals apologize by hearing the voice of loving “JESUS”. Our team is getting warm welcome in all jails. Along with this service we start doing work among the helpless, needy people who are neglected among the society we listened. The “Leprosy” patients in the “Nooranad-Leprosy Sanatorium” and conducted convention in the name of Jesus for sharing God’s love by all name.